Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is EcuFast ? How is it applied ?

EcuFast is basically the optimization of the parameters loaded into your vehicle by the manufacturer, to get the best results out of your vehicle. An ECU (Electronic Control Unit) file includes hundreds of maps inside it. Our expert software development teams, including engineers, work on those maps to achieve maximum efficiency and minimum fuel consumption. Ecufast as a brand, with its experience and knowledge has served more than 50.000 customers over the years, maintained 100% customer satisfaction principle, and became the most valued brand in the sector.

Most applications are done through the OBD (on-board diagnostic) socket, however some vehicles require the detachment of the ECU and programming it on the bench.

After the EcuFast application, torque and power of the vehicle increases significantly, and your vehicle becomes more enjoyable and economic with this increase.

  • Is EcuFast healthy for my vehicle ?

Engine and engine production technologies are developing very fast and changing rapidly. Thanks to the improvements in the computer technologies, electronic control units (ECU) started to be installed in vehicles. Compared to the old engines that do not have an ECU, new engines are more efficient, economic and stable. Re-programming of the ECU, is one of the manufacturer's sales policies, and in the right hands it is absolutely safe. In fact, many manufacturers are offering it in their structure, but also charge quite high fees. The underlined point here.

IIs that the firm and the brand that does the application is the important part. EcuFast is the right choice, depending on years of experience, knowledge and quality.

  • How long does it take ?

The time it takes for the Ecufast chip tuning application depends on the vehicle and vary between 1 to 2 hours. Your vehicle becomes More Powerful and More Economic while you are drinking your tea, coffee and chatting with our friendly personnel.

Theoretically, any intervention on the vehicle affects the warranty. But in practice, the chip tuning application is not observable by the services. So, apart from a few manufacturers, becoming out of warrant is not an issue for the vehicle.
In fact, half of the vehicles that we apply chip tuning are vehicles younger than 2 years, that still have service warranty.

  • Would the vehicle reverse back to original anyhow ?

Your vehicle could easily be reversed back to its original software by our firm if you ever request. Other than that, going down of the vehicle's battery, or any service maintenance, etc. would not affect the application.

  • Why do trucks and tractors get application ?

One of the most costly part of heavy commercial vehicle usage is the fuel. We are providing chip tuning services to those vehicles for more than 10 years, and the increased torque and power decreases the fuel consumption significantly.

  • How can fuel consumption decrease as the power increase ?

As the torque and the power of the vehicle increases, if the driving style stays the same, the vehicle will require less of stepping on the accelerator. This translates into that: you will be able to reach your previous speeds with less fuel, compared to the standard version. But obviously, a more aggressive driving style depending on the increased power will not provide any economy.

  • Why don't the manufacturers do this application themselves ?

Manufacturers are designing their vehicles to sell in the world market, and as a consequence, many factors (exhaust emission standards, weather and climate differences, taxing and sales policies, etc.) are forcing the vehicles to be released below their capacities. In most of the countries, tax amount is determined by the horse power of the vehicle, thus it causes the vehicles to be sold below their capacities in order to evade high taxes.

Currently, a lot of manufacturers are offering this application as a post-sale service at very high prices, by the modification firms under their structure.

Mercedes Benz -> Brabus - AMG

BMW -> Hartge


If you like and test your vehicle with our 100% Customer Satisfaction principle, we invite you to join the EcuFast family!

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