What is EcuFast?

What is EcuFast?

At the early 2000’s, manufacturers started to equip their vehicles with an Engine Control Unit (ECU). In the software optimization process, this ECU is reprogrammed resulting in higher performance and lower fuel consumption. The key point here is to have the software optimized by experts, in order to avoid any short or long term harm to the vehicle.

Ecufast is an ECU software optimization company that serves tailor made remapping according to the customer's demands for economy and performance.

Remapping is done according to the environmental conditions and fuel quality of the country and the mileage of the vehicle.
To ensure 100% customer satisfaction and prove confidence in our software, Ecufast offers full refund within 15 days post application.

If you want a better performance for the buck; ECUFAST is the right software choice for your vehicle.


If you like and test your vehicle with our 100% Customer Satisfaction principle, we invite you to join the EcuFast family!

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